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A global, open-source collaborative database of information on small-scale fisheries.
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Information System on Small-Scale Fisheries (ISSF)

A global, open-source collaborative database of information on small-scale fisheries


The ISSF homepage, accessible here.


The Information System on Small-Scale Fisheries (ISSF) is an open-source research project to source information on small-scale fisheries from across the globe. The project is built on top of Python and Django, PostGIS, Foundation, and Docker.


Clone the git repository with:

git clone

Symlink (Or copy) the development compose file

ln -s docker-compose-dev.yml docker-compose.yml

Create a dummy .env file

cp issf_prod/.env.dist issf_prod/.env

Then spin up the database container. From within the issf directory run:

docker-compose up -d db

Next, acquire the test database so we can import it. There is an automated script to handle the process of importing and populating the database with the data dump called ./scripts/

After that, launch the existing containers with:

docker-compose up -d

Once the other containers are running, you will still need to install the npm packages on the ISSF container. Open a shell with ./scripts/ and run the npm installation commands.


  • v2.0.0
    • Upgrade to Django 2.0 and updated major Python libs
    • Migrated entire system to Docker containers with Docker Compose
    • Set up TravisCI
    • Set up NPM and Webpack
    • Added project documentation, written with Sphinx
    • Address all currently known bugs


Read our documentation here to contribute. Thank you for contributing!

See our list of contributors here.

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