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Next Generation Distributed Web Security Scanner with Futuristic Architecture and UI 💫 混沌守望者(扫描器),多策略(爬虫扫描&POC 扫描)、模…
TypeScript Updated Aug 8, 2019
Web Automation Suites, for Observing, Recording, Replaying, Cooperating, Editing, etc. | Web 自动化套装,及录屏、回放、编辑的解决方案
JavaScript Updated Aug 11, 2019
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & DeepLearning & NLP & CV Workbench | 示例,算法,模型,应用,TensorFlow & PyTorch,Kaggle
Jupyter Notebook Updated Jul 25, 2019
Multiple clients for visualizing my knowledge map articles, snippets, etc. 💫知识外化,多端访问某熊的知识图谱、成长路线、技术文章、模板代码等内容,包括 Web…
TypeScript Updated Aug 17, 2019
Build your apps like stacking Lego blocks 💫总想自己实现一款可视化配置的动态应用构建工具,动态表单、动态布局、动态报告、动态规则、动态选择、动态流程
TypeScript Updated Aug 13, 2019
面向制造业·产业互联网的全链路数据定义,Mall(电商)- ERP(资源规划与客户管理)- MES(生产编排) - IoT(设备与传感器物模型)
Updated Jul 18, 2019
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