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Countdown timer and stopwatch in your terminal
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termdown demo

Usage: termdown [OPTIONS] [TIME]

  Starts a countdown to or from TIME. Example values for TIME:
  10, '1h 5m 30s', '12:00', '2020-01-01', '2020-01-01 14:00 UTC'.

  If TIME is not given, termdown will operate in stopwatch mode
  and count forward.

      L       Lap (stopwatch mode only)
      R       Reset
      SPACE   Pause (will delay absolute TIME)
      +       Plus (will add 10 seconds)
      Q       Quit

  -a, --alt-format         Use colon-separated time format
  -b, --blink              Flash terminal at end of countdown
  -B, --no-bell            Don't ring terminal bell at end of countdown
  -c, --critical N         Draw final N seconds in red and announce them
                           individually with --voice or --exec-cmd (defaults
                           to 3)
  -f, --font FONT          Choose from
  -p, --voice-prefix TEXT  Add TEXT to the beginning of --voice and --exec
                           annunciations (except per-second ones)
  -q, --quit-after N       Quit N seconds after countdown (use with -b or -t)
                           or terminate stopwatch after N seconds
  -s, --no-seconds         Don't show seconds (except for last minute of
                           countdown and first minute of stopwatch)
  -t, --text TEXT          Text to display at end of countdown
  -T, --title TEXT         Text to display on top of countdown/stopwatch
  -W, --no-window-title    Don't update terminal title with remaining/elapsed
  -v, --voice VOICE        Spoken countdown (at fixed intervals with per-
                           second annunciations starting at --critical;
                           requires `espeak` on Linux or `say` on macOS;
                           choose VOICE from `say -v '?'` or `espeak
  -o, --outfile PATH       File to write current remaining/elapsed time to
  --exec-cmd CMD           Runs CMD every second. '{0}' and '{1}' in CMD will
                           be replaced with the remaining/elapsed number of
                           seconds and a more sparse annunciation as in
                           --voice, respectively. For example, to get a
                           callout at five seconds only, use: --exec-cmd "if [
                           '{0}' == '5' ]; then say -v Alex {1}; fi"
  --no-figlet              Don't use ASCII art for display
  --no-text-magic          Don't try to replace non-ASCII characters (use with
  --version                Show version and exit
  -z, --time               Show current time instead of countdown/stopwatch
  -Z, --time-format TEXT   Format for --time (defaults to "%H:%M:%S", ignores
  --help                   Show this message and exit
pip install termdown

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