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Validate and auto-generate TypeScript types from raw SQL queries in PostgreSQL.


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SafeQL - Automatic Type Inference & Validation for PostgreSQL Queries • Get started

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  • ⚡️ Automatic Type Inference & Validation:

    SafeQL automatically infers the type of the query result based on the query itself.

  • 🖖 Compatible With Popular SQL Libraries:

    SafeQL works with any PostgreSQL client, including Prisma, Sequelize, pg, Postgres.js, and more.

  • 🛠️ Easy To Use

    SafeQL was built in mind to be easy to use and integrate with your existing codebase.

  • 📦 Built with Monorepos & Microservices in mind:

    SafeQL was built with monorepos and microservices in mind, and it's easy to use with multiple databases.


I would first recommend follow the instructions in the documentation.

npm install --save-dev @ts-safeql/eslint-plugin libpg-query