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Dragoon Framework - Framework for Lua, LÖVE and more ...
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Dragoon Framework

Dragoon Framework - Framework for Lua, LÖVE and more ...

planned structure :

    lua/               The common Lua modules
        minimal/       The common bootstrap Lua modules
        ...            Framework contents for Lua (common to love/nginx/a1/...)
        thirdparty/    Lua third-parties

    love/              The LÖVE specific modules
        ...            Framework contents for LÖVE
        thirdparty/    LÖVE third-parties

    nginx/             The NGINX specific modules

    a1/                The AlephOne specific modules

Features released

  • lua/minimal/ - The Bootstrap of the framework (include newmodule, provide and pathfix)
  • newmodule - simple and powerfull way to define module, and load sub-modules
  • provide - package management
  • pathfix - Fix package path

Features not released yet

  • all/networks - multiple cross-compatible network support.
  • -- See love-network.
  • lua/strict - Strict environment enforcement
  • lua/metalock - Metatable locking system
  • lua/tableprint - Show table as string (with lua-inspect)
  • lua/database - Database support and schema managment
  • lua/compat-env - Fix the environment functions
  • lua/utf8 - UTF8 utils
  • lua/multilang - Localized text support
  • love/loader - Powerfull way to load rescources
  • lua/color - color utility (third party)
  • love/redshift - redshift-like support for love
  • love/idle - idle signal module
  • lua/sandbox - secure virtual environement for Lua
  • love/sandbox - secure virtual environement for LOVE
  • love/gui - GUI for love


Unit Test

Debug utils


Interesting links


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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