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Beta 1 ship list #21568

mdo opened this issue Jan 6, 2017 · 0 comments

Beta 1 ship list #21568

mdo opened this issue Jan 6, 2017 · 0 comments


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@mdo mdo commented Jan 6, 2017

It's very strange to see the word beta in a ship list title, but oh so awesome!


  • Dropped Normalize.css as a dependency, forking some of it and remixing it with our own Reboot for a more stable normalization approach.
  • Update navbar responsive behaviors to be mobile first, use a new class name .navbar-expand instead of .navbar-toggleable, remove toggler position modifiers (relies on flex utils now), and fix a handful of bugs.
  • Stabilize some grid behaviors and update the docs.
  • Updated the grid to drop push, pull, and offset in favor of new .order- modifiers and margin utilities.
  • Renamed tons of variables (see #22414 and #22092) for a more consistent naming scheme.
  • Removed remaining cursor: pointers to restore browser defaults and better indicate actions vs hyperlinks.
  • Renamed flexbox order utilities to better match utility naming scheme of .property-value.
  • Restored Alpha 5's placement of _custom.scss in our import order.
  • Rewrote display and responsive utilities to de-dupe a bunch of functionality.
  • Removed Gruntfile and docs from package manager builds.
  • Overhauled our color system with new Sass maps, variables, classes, and component variants.
  • Updated browser support to bring ranges up to more recent versions.
  • Added a bash script for linting unused variables.
  • Moved jQuery and Popper to peerDependencies as they're not requirements for every part of Bootstrap.


  • #21579: Remove unused Sass variables.
  • #21590, #21605, #21722: Prevent containers from collapsing on themselves in navbars due to mix of auto margins and flex parent.
  • #21593, #21651, #21716: Fix segmented buttons in input groups with simpler flex styles.
  • #21603: Restore Alpha 5's import order for the _custom.scss file, moving it back to the top before variables and mixins again.
  • #21621, #21626: Prevent .navbar-brand from growing too wide.
  • #21625, #21633: Don't style give the :focus state of links the same styles as the :hover state in Reboot.
  • #21648: Remove unnecessary opacity filter from custom forms given dropping of IE9.
  • #21653: Follow up to Alpha 5's removal of the classes, finish removing list group item heading and text in mixin and variables.
  • #21660, #21824: Add flex-wrap: wrap to .navs so they behave like they used to before the move to flexbox.
  • #21699, #21826: Add flex-wrap: wrap to button toolbars to restore previous behavior.
  • #21739: Rename order utilities.
  • #21740, #21741: Drop Normalize.css as a dependency; instead fork it and blend those into Reboot.
  • #21793, #21796: Fix spacing when using <label>-based buttons in button groups.
  • #21805: Match line-height to height in progress bars.
  • #21812: Remove cursor: pointer.
  • #21821: Improve rendering of navbar toggler icon.
  • #21825: Followup to Alpha 5—fix the import order for the grid and Reboot builds.
  • #22039: Remove vendor prefixes from appearance: none.
  • #22073, #22087: Remove -hover from the $nav-tabs-active-link-hover-* variables as it no longer applies to the hover state.
  • #22011, #22068: Use correct variable for custom select border width calculations.
  • #22027: Changed the z-index order for sticky and fixed elements.
  • #21762, #21965, #22113: Removed nearly all .hidden-* classes in favor of our newer .d-* display utilities. Rewrote some docs and consolidated CSS, too.
  • #21836, #22123, #22125: Update margin/padding spacer variables to remove $spacer-x and $spacer-y, consolidating into just one $spacer and the Sass map.
  • #22012, #22124: Move transition and box-shadow mixins to their own files.
  • #22164: Share color variables from default buttons with outline buttons.
  • #17573, #21977: Remove dropdown toggle's outline focus overrides.
  • #21584: Remove display: flex from .list-group-items to avoid unexpected layout glitches. Instead, use utilities as needed.
  • #21927: Update .nav-justified to fix the broken styles; also update docs examples for <nav>-based variants.
  • #22154: Update sr-only mixin and class to use latest clipping technique.
  • #22217: Update inverse table styles to add new variables and styles for accent, hover, and active backgrounds. Also fix their border colors.
  • #22271: Update grid docs for auto-sizing behaviors, remove position: relative from .container, fix broken only and between mixins, and give .col-auto classes some horizontal padding.
  • #21650, #22288: Prevent card images from being stretched due to flexbox bug with intrinsic image ratios.
  • #21976, #22007, #22289: Fix wrapping card decks by correcting their margins.
  • #22287: Updates $btn- and $input- variables for padding and line-height to be shared like the $input-btn-border-width variable. Also increases $line-height-lg and adds a line-height parameter to the button-size mixin.
  • #22153, #22221: Add variables for setting popover content and title color.
  • #22387: Add .dropdown-item-padding-y variable.
  • #22386: Add transition to progress bar.
  • #22392: Fix carousel issues with aspect ratios and transition timing.
  • #22056, #22394: Update card outlines to properly style header/footer background and border.
  • #22135, #22393: Always apply margin-bottom to cards in .card-columns.
  • #22403: Remove cursor: not-allowed styles.
  • #22396: Don't include Gruntfile or docs in package manager builds.
  • #22433: Fix popover arrow color for bottom position
  • #22413: Rename variables that applied border-color to include color in their names
  • #22573: Add shim for "new" HTML5 structural elements
  • #22539: Remove unused variables
  • #22630, #22644: Dropdown must be displayed in position static for navbar, to override Popper CSS
  • #22579: Restore box-shadow to progress bar background when enabled.
  • #22564: Rename $navbar-*-toggler-bg to $navbar-*-toggler-icon-bg.
  • #22741: Rename $card-border-radius-inner to $card-inner-border-radius.
  • #22740: Fix overflowing text in Cards with word-wrap: break-word.
  • #22414, #22805, #22806, #22807, #22808, #22809, #22810, #22814, #22818, #22843: Rename dozens of variables for consistent naming scheme.
  • #22092, #22828, #22829: Rename card and popover variables to better match the naming scheme established by modals.
  • #22836: Replace existing color system with new Sass maps and variables, new color values, and improved generation of component variants.
  • #22940: Removed previously added $grid-gutter-widths Sass map. It generated the wrong code and is no longer the method we'd prefer for setting custom grid gutters. A replacement will come soon.
  • #22943: Reduced browser support further to focus on modern ones with full support for our key features (e.g, flexbox).
  • #22942: Updated the grid to drop push, pull, and offset in favor of new .order- modifiers and margin utilities.
  • #22949: Redesign blockquotes and remove .blockquote-reverse.
  • #22950: Overhauled card variants, dropping all the existing mixins and modifier classes and replacing them with .bg-, .text-, and .border- utilities for greater flexibility.
  • #22961: Moved float and embed utilities to their own files, removing _responsive-helpers.scss in the process.
  • #19353, #22966: Add ability to customize active background and border on button mixin.
  • #22998: Remove box-shadow from .btn-link:focus
  • #23044: Remove ::first-letter and ::first-line selectors from print styles


  • #21697: Use existing keycode constants in dropdown.
  • #21709: Correct reference to Direction.PREV constant.
  • #20620, #21756: Allow tab JS to work with list groups.
  • #21572, #21578: Fix background dismissing of dropdowns on mobile.
  • #21328, #21615: Allow # in data-targets to avoid throwing errors.
  • #19774, #21788: Get HTMLElement.offset* by getBoundingClientRect().
  • #22138, #22251: Add ability to create accordions without using cards.
  • #21668: Carousel - Add attributes from and to for Slid and Slide events
  • #22272, #22297: Collapse - do not prevent event for input and textarea
  • #22276: Fix different tooltip offset when hovering
  • #21743: Fix JS components console error "Error: is transitioning"
  • #22316: Popover + Tooltip - fix error when content or title is a number
  • #21807: Tabs/Scrollspy/.nav/.list-group/.active independent of markup
  • #18441, #22337: Rewrite Modals.setScrollbar() and Modals.resetScrollbar() to properly handle padding-right of body and fixed elements
  • #22398: Prevent default for ESC in modal.js
  • #22400: Only change aria-pressed if it's not an input-based radio or checkbox group
  • #22397: Fix collapse.js aria-expanded behavior
  • #21535: remove dropdown.js reliance on roles and fix keyboard navigation
  • #22426, #22482: Replace dropdown backdrop hack with cleaner JS-only hack
  • #22442: Fix carousel "hover" behavior on touch-enabled devices
  • #22481, #22483: Add iOS hack to tooltips
  • #22499: Fix Toggle buttons don't honor [disabled] or .disabled
  • #22480: Fix typo removeData for Tabs plugin
  • #22444: Remove Tether for Popper.js
  • #22640, #22664 : Use Popper.js to align dropdown menu instead of using css with important
  • #22681: Use Popper.js to manage arrow position for Tooltips/Popovers
  • #23162: Update Popper.js to 1.11.0
  • #22687: Placement auto for Tooltips and Popovers
  • #22713: Collapse support multi target
  • #23182: Add semicolon for our dist files in stamp.js


  • #21565: Update migration docs to mention badges, not tags.
  • #21566: Remove IE9 and SVG callout.
  • #21664: Correct breakpoint value in responsive utils docs.
  • #21673: Document example of <hr>s in alerts.
  • #21674: Document example of linked badges.
  • #21746: Specify reliance on .cards for accordion behavior.
  • #21813: Fix body padding in Dashboard and Jumbotron examples.
  • #22004: Remove Normalize.css callout.
  • #22078: Update broken/redirected links.
  • #21938: Fix data-pause documentation for carousel
  • #21726: Fix accordion behavior with JQuery interface
  • #22246: Add missing v4 docs for tooltip/popover methods
  • #22373: Add inserted event for Tooltip and Popover
  • #22321: Add explicit aria-label to placeholder-only inputs
  • #22401: Remove incorrect role="tabpanel" from navs docs
  • #22405: Remove inappropriate role="listbox" from carousels
  • #22445: Use actual <button>s in copy buttons
  • #22440: Rewrite getting started/accessibility docs
  • #22461: Add dropdown menu accessibility callout and fix example
  • #22455: Port button group accessibility callout from v3 to v4
  • #22500: Documentation cleanup (inc. use of <input ... readonly> for static form controls example)
  • #22472: Styling and accessibility clarification for navs documentation
  • #22364: Add missing <main> element to documentation
  • #22574: Add explicit role="main" to <main> elements
  • #21490: tooltips/popover must be hidden before their corresponding element is removed from the DOM
  • #22641: fix tooltip documentation page missing classname prefix "bs-" to tooltip top
  • #22423: Add docs for using Bootstrap with Webpack.
  • #22848: Docs: accessibility and IE fixes for SVG-based top navigation
  • #22961: Rearrange responsive embed and float utilities.
  • #23060: Add badge counter example and accessibility advice

Build tooling

  • #21591: Fix incorrect docs.min.js bundle source for hosted docs.
  • #21816: Move htmllint task to npm scripts.
  • #21918: Update to CleanCSS v4, etc.
  • #22047: Refactor QUnit test page.
  • #22066: Move jekyll task to npm scripts.
  • #22167: Update to postcss-cli v3, etc.
  • #22168: Config tweaks. Move Travis to Node v7. More ESLint rules.
  • #22218: Update to jQuery 3.2.0, etc.
  • #22233: Config tweaks.
  • #22464: Fix running test on iOS with Saucelabs.
  • #22045: Move all remaining tasks to NPM.
  • #22477, #22534, #22517: Fix regressions caused by #22045 and update docs about the build system.
  • #22496: New watch task
  • #22554: Remove log from WEBrick during js-test-cloud
  • #22822: Qunit update + fix Saucelabs test on Edge
  • #22954: Add bash script to lint for unused variables.
  • #23091: Start testing on Node v8.
  • #23094, #23099: Update dependencies and switch to using NPM lockfiles.
  • #23264, update devDependencies.


  • #21580: Update readme test badge to point to v4-dev branch.
  • #23244: Move jQuery and Popper to peerDependencies.
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