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JavaScript Dev Reading List

The JavaScript Developer's Reading List

A list of hand-picked books and articles for JavaScript developers

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The problem πŸ˜•

There are a lot of web development reading materials out there, from books to videos to blog posts. How can you know what is actually worth reading?

Solution 😎

Here I have hand-picked web development/JavaScript books and articles I have personally read or have come highly recommended to me by other developers.

Things to think about πŸ€”

Free books. Who doesn't like free books?! But if you are able, buy the book if it is offered as an option. No worries if you can't. But if it helps the devs continue to put out quality content then it is worth it.

Note ❗

The stack most used in my list is React, GraphQL, and JavaScript, in no particular order. This is because it is the stack I am most familiar with. If you want to see Angular or Vue, submit a pull request. I would ask you to keep it to JavaScript technologies.

Books πŸ“š

Books are broken down by technology/stack or concept. Feel free to add yours by opening a pull request.

React & GraphQL

Design patterns in JavaScript

React Native


Books by Flavio require a newsletter sign up but I think it is worth it.


Core concepts

Software architecture

Data structures and algorithms


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Articles πŸ“

Articles are broken down into tech stack and soft skills, as well as core JavaScript concepts. Feel free to add yours by opening a pull request.


Core concepts

JavaScript misc.

Soft skills

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A list of books πŸ“šand articles πŸ“ for the discerning web developer to read.




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