A web based data mining tool for OpenStreetMap using Overpass API.
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overpass turbo

This is a GUI for testing and developing queries for the Overpass-API. It can also used for simple analysis of OSM data.

Getting Started

Just point your browser to overpass-turbo.eu and start running your Overpass queries.

More Information about overpass turbo is found in the OSM wiki.


Translations are managed using the Transifex platform. After signing up, you can go to overpass-turbo's project page, select a language and click Translate now to start translating.

If your language isn't currently in the list, just drop me a mail or open an issue ticket.


Build Status

URL parameters

overpass turbo can be linked from other applications by using URL parameters. For example, one can provide a query to load, set the initial map location, or instruct turbo to load a template.


Development is done in the master branch, stable releases are commited to gh-pages.

install & run

This application runs out of the box (no special installation is needed). Just put the repository on a web server (e.g. Apache or something slimmer) and point your browser to index.html. Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera have been tested and should work.

It is possible, to build a compacted/minified version of turbo out of the source files. For that, run make && make install after installing uglifyjs and csso: npm install uglify-js csso pegjs.