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🦄 Fx GoDoc Github release Build Status Coverage Status Go Report Card

Fx is a dependency injection system for Go.


  • Eliminate globals: Fx helps you remove global state from your application. No more init() or global variables. Use Fx-managed singletons.
  • Code reuse: Fx lets teams within your organization build loosely-coupled and well-integrated shareable components.
  • Battle tested: Fx is the backbone of nearly all Go services at Uber.

See our docs to get started and/or learn more about Fx.


Use Go modules to install Fx in your application.

go get

Getting started

To get started with Fx, start here.


This library is v1 and follows SemVer strictly.

No breaking changes will be made to exported APIs before v2.0.0.

This project follows the Go Release Policy. Each major version of Go is supported until there are two newer major releases.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time