Text processing umbrella powering @remarkjs, @rehypejs, @retextjs, and @redotjs. Used to build things like @mdx-js, @prettier, @gatsbyjs, and much more!

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  1. unified

    ☔ friendly interface backed by an ecosystem of plugins built for creating and manipulating content

    JavaScript 1.3k 43

  2. awesome

    Curated list of awesome unified resources

    11 1

  3. ideas

    Share ideas for new utilities and tools built with unified

    3 1

  4. unified-engine

    Engine to process multiple files with unified

    JavaScript 17 8

  5. unified-args

    Create CLIs for unified processors

    JavaScript 12 3

  6. unified-engine-atom

    Create Atom Linters for unified processors

    JavaScript 7 4

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