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HTML processor powered by plugins part of the @unifiedjs collective


rehype is a popular free and open source tool that transforms HTML with plugins. Plugins can inspect and change HTML.


rehype is part of the unified collective, which brings together organisations that work with content as structured data.

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  1. rehype rehype Public

    HTML processor powered by plugins part of the @unifiedjs collective

    JavaScript 1.7k 84

  2. awesome-rehype awesome-rehype Public

    Curated list of awesome rehype resources

    162 6

  3. rehype-minify rehype-minify Public

    plugins to minify HTML

    JavaScript 90 16

  4. rehype-remark rehype-remark Public

    plugin to transform from HTML (rehype) to Markdown (remark)

    JavaScript 72 8

  5. rehype-react rehype-react Public

    plugin to transform to preact, react, vue, etc

    JavaScript 383 27

  6. rehype-highlight rehype-highlight Public

    plugin to highlight code blocks

    JavaScript 243 17


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