Bedrock is a static site generator to create large-scale HTML prototypes and document design systems
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Welcome to Bedrock.

Bedrock Release

Bedrock is a powerful tool that lets you prototype complex web applications and document design systems.

For the full documentation, please check out the Bedrock website.

Basic installation & first run

  • First, make sure you have Node 8.3 or later installed. You can find the latest version of Node at
  • You need to have gulp installed globally to use Bedrock. npm install -g gulp.
  • Install the project's dependencies:
    • npm install
  • Run gulp to start your project.

Major commands

  • gulp: runs the prototype
  • gulp build: create a build (which ends up in the dist folder) that can be deployed to a server

Upgrading bedrock

See the README at .

Using icon fonts

  • If you want to use icon fonts you need more dependencies than just node. Icon font generation is optional. Set icons.generateIconFont to true in bedrock.config.js to activate icon fonts.
  • In order for the icon font generation to work, install the required gems using bundle install. You will need Bundler for this. We depend on a Ruby gem called fontcustom. Bundler will install the required dependencies.
    • You will also need to install fontforge using brew. For download instructions see the fontcustom repo.


Windows usage is not supported at the moment.

We have used Bedrock on Windows successfully though. If you encounter any Windows related bugs, please log them under issues.


Bedrock is MIT licensed.


Bedrock was made by the team at Mono with most major contributions by Thomas Tuts.