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Welcome to Bedrock.

Bedrock Release

Bedrock is a powerful tool that lets you prototype complex web applications and document design systems.

For the full documentation, please check out the Bedrock website.

Basic requirements

  • First, make sure you have Node 14 or later installed. You can find the latest version of Node at Go for the LTS version.

Using Bedrock to make prototypes

Create your first prototype

We recommend using degit to be able to grab a Bedrock install without actually cloning the project repository (see: Contributing to Bedrock).

Here is the series of commands to use:

npx degit usebedrock/bedrock my-bedrock-project
cd my-bedrock-project/
npm install
npm start

Contributing to the Bedrock project

Read the active issues on Github.

Clone this repository:

git clone

The latest development usually happen in feature branches or in the development branch.

Make sure to make a branch for yourself - and if you have something meaningful to contribute, send us a PR!

Contact the authors

Major commands

  • npm start: runs the prototype
  • npm run build: create a build (which ends up in the dist folder) that can be deployed to a server

Upgrading bedrock

Upgrading your Bedrock prototype is done through a CLI tool, which you install globally.

npm i -g bedrock-cli
bedrock upgrade

To upgrade to the development branch:

bedrock upgrade --dev

See the README at .

Using icon fonts

Icon font generation is optional. Set icons.generateIconFont to true in bedrock.config.js to activate icon fonts.


Windows usage is not supported at the moment.

We have used Bedrock on Windows successfully though. If you encounter any Windows related bugs, please log them under issues.


Bedrock is MIT licensed.


Bedrock was made by the team at Mono. Bedrock was initially written by Thomas Tuts.


Bedrock is a static site generator to create large-scale HTML prototypes and document design systems





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