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V2Fly, a community-driven edition of V2Ray.


  1. v2ray-core v2ray-core Public

    A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.

    Go 28.1k 4.5k

  2. domain-list-community domain-list-community Public

    Community managed domain list. Generate geosite.dat for V2Ray.

    Go 4.2k 787

  3. v2fly-github-io v2fly-github-io Public

    V2Fly Website & Documentation

    494 381

  4. v2ray-step-by-step v2ray-step-by-step Public

    This repo is a fork of ToutyRater/v2ray-guide, we aim to provide a new step-by-step guide of v2ray

    694 415

  5. fhs-install-v2ray fhs-install-v2ray Public

    Bash script for installing V2Ray in operating systems such as Debian / CentOS / Fedora / openSUSE that support systemd

    Shell 6k 1.4k

  6. v2ray-examples v2ray-examples Public

    v2ray-core 的模板们

    Mermaid 2.2k 726


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