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An open platform for building modern web apps for Java back ends


Vaadin is a web app development platform for Java. It helps you build reliable web apps with great UX faster than before.

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Vaadin Releases

Vaadin consists of frameworks, components, tools, and integrations with other technologies.

The platform repository gathers everything in a single package, ensuring all the parts work together. A new version is released every quarter. Learn more about our release model.

Web frameworks

Free, open source frameworks for building modern web applications.

Vaadin Flow
Build modern web apps 100% in Java.


The modern front-end framework for Java. Previously known as Vaadin Fusion.


UI components

Free, open source UI components for creating high quality, accessible interfaces for business applications.

Flow Components
Java API for Vaadin components.


Web Components
TypeScript/JavaScript/HTML API for Vaadin components.



Commercial tools to speed up application development. Pricing

Collaboration Engine
The simplest way to build real-time collaboration into web apps.


Design Vaadin UIs visually with drag'n'drop.


Visual regression tests for Flow-based UIs.



Plugins and add-ons for easy integration with 3rd party development tools.

Additional repositories


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Chat on Discord
Get help and discuss with community members

Stack Overflow
Ask questions and get answers

A collection of solutions to common use cases.

Add-on Directory
Browse 3rd party components and add-ons and publish your own


Great that you are considering contributing! There are plenty of ways to help out Vaadin as an open source project.

Report issues

Report issues and propose new features in the product repositories. If you are unsure which repository an issue belongs to, use the platform repository. We’ll move it to the correct one for you.

Contribute code

Please see our Contributing to Projects guide. Look for issues labelled with help wanted or good first issue in any of the repositories to get started. For example in web-components: help wanted, good first issue.


Apache License 2.0 or CVDL 4.0, depending on the product. Licensing FAQ


  1. platform platform Public

    Vaadin platform 10+ is a Java web development platform based on Vaadin web components. If you don't know to which repository your bug report should be filed, use this and we'll move it to the right…

    Java 489 71

  2. flow flow Public

    Vaadin Flow is a Java framework binding Vaadin web components to Java. This is part of Vaadin 10+.

    Java 541 154

  3. hilla hilla Public

    Build better business applications, faster. No more juggling REST endpoints or deciphering GraphQL queries. Hilla seamlessly connects Spring Boot and React to accelerate application development.

    Java 750 52

  4. framework framework Public

    Vaadin 6, 7, 8 is a Java framework for modern Java web applications.

    Java 1.8k 728

  5. flow-components flow-components Public

    Java counterpart of Vaadin Web Components

    Java 63 57

  6. web-components web-components Public

    A set of high-quality standards based web components for enterprise web applications. Part of Vaadin 20+

    JavaScript 383 76


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