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The info file is now cleaned after the build as else we miss all the information for the build settings


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Vaadin Flow

Vaadin Flow is the Java framework of Vaadin Platform for building modern web sites that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.

For instructions about developing web applications with Vaadin Flow, please refer to the starter packs for Vaadin 14 with Flow or the documentation.

To contribute, first refer to Contribution Guide for general instructions and requirements for contributing code to Flow.

For issues related to Vaadin Fusion, please refer to the repository.

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The master branch is the latest version (9.0) that targets the Vaadin platform 22.0. See other branches for other supported framework versions:

Branch Platform Version Flow Version
1.0 10 (LTS) 1.0
2.7 14.7.x (LTS) 2.7.x
8.0 21.0.x (LATEST) 8.x
9.0 22.0.x (PRERELEASE) 9.x
master 23.0.x (NEXT LTS) 10.x