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This release is a minor update from 4.2.0 and mostly contains bug fixes. For an overview of the changes, see the full release notes.

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We introduce Form 4.2.0, a new minor release. We have made more than 360 revisions,
including more than 50 bugfixes, and the introduction of more than 20 new features.

Three highlights of the new features are id all, Format O4, and Polyratfun expand.

id all

The statement id all generates all matches instead of just the first:

CF v,f,s;
L F = v(1,2,3,4);
id all v(?a,?b) = f(?a)*s(?b);

Print +s;
F =
   + f*s(1,2,3,4)
   + f(1)*s(2,3,4)
   + f(1,2)*s(3,4)
   + f(1,2,3)*s(4)
   + f(1,2,3,4)*s

This statement is useful, for example, to generate automorphisms of graphs.

Format O4

Format O4 is a new output mode for polynomials. It uses local search methods
to reduce the number of operations in the polynomial. Generally it produces
better results and is faster than O3.
For example:

S   a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n;
L   G = (4*a^4+b+c+d + i^4 + g*n^3)^10 +
        (a*h + e + f*i*j + g + h)^8 + (i + j + k + l + m + n)^12;
Format O4,saIter=300; * use 300 iterations for optimization
#optimize G
#write "Optimized with Horner scheme: `optimscheme_'"
#write "Number of operations in output: `optimvalue_'"
Optimized with Horner scheme: h,a,f,j,d,c,b,i,e,m,g,k,l,n
Number of operations in output: 1937

Polyratfun expand

The Polyratfun, which is used for rational coefficients, now supports
expansion. For example:

S ep;
CF rat;
Polyratfun rat;
L F = rat(1+ep,ep^2 + 3*ep + 1);
Print +s;
Polyratfun rat(expand,ep,5);

Print +s;


  F = + rat(ep + 1,ep^2 + 3*ep + 1)
  F = + rat(1 - 2*ep + 5*ep^2 - 13*ep^3 + 34*ep^4 - 89*ep^5)

For a complete overview of changes, see the full release notes.

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New features are:

  • Code optimization.
  • A set for summed over indices (dummyindices_).
  • Restrictions on the number of arguments of a function.
  • New statements: DropSymbols, PutInside, AntiPutInside.

Bug fixes include the issue that the fourth stage of the sorting (disk to disk sort) may give a wrong result. See also this article.

The store files are not compatible with those of version 4.0.

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Release of version 4.0. There are many new features. This includes factorization, arithmetic with rational functions, many new commands and functions.