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A high quality UI Toolkit built on Vue.js.

该项目即为原先的 iView。iView 作者将在此仓库继续开发 iView 4.0 和后续版本,以及维护工作。新的组件库命名为 ViewUI,原仓库 iView 作者不再提交内容。

This project is the original iView. The iView author will continue to develop iView 4.0 and subsequent releases, as well as maintenance work, in this repository. The new component library is named ViewUI, and the iView author will no longer continue to submit content in the original repository.

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4.x | 3.x | 2.x | 1.x


  • Dozens of useful and beautiful components.
  • Friendly API. It's made for people with any skills level.
  • Extensive documentations and demos.
  • It is quite awesome.
  • Supports both Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 1.

Who's using ViewUI


We provide an View UI plugin for Vue CLI 3, which you can use to quickly build an ViewUI-based project.

We also provide a starter kit view-ui-project for you.

Install View UI

Using npm:

npm install view-design --save

Using a script tag for global use:

<script type="text/javascript" src="iview.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/styles/iview.css">

You can find more info on the website.


    <Slider v-model="value" range />
    export default {
        data () {
            return {
                value: [20, 50]

Using css via import:

import 'view-design/dist/styles/iview.css';


  • Supports Vue.js 2.x
  • Supports Vue.js 1.x - visit 1.0 docs
  • Supports SSR
  • Supports Nuxt.js
  • Supports TypeScript
  • Supports Electron
  • Most components and features support IE9 and above browsers, some components and features do not support IE


If you want to contribute us or in case you are haiving any doubt.

Questions: Find other users at the Gitter chat or post on StackOverflow using [iview-ui] tag
Bugs: File a issue here - please provide a example so we can help you better
Contribute: Contact us in Gitter chat, WeChat or via mail to PRs welcome!

Major Contributors

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