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Vim Script Parser written in Go

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This repository is the fork of and it provides Go-ish interface with performance improvement.

The Fastest Vim Script Parser!


$ pwd

$ git rev-parse HEAD

$ wc -l < autoload/vimlparser.vim

$ time vim -u NONE -N --cmd "let &rtp .= ',' . getcwd()" --cmd "silent call vimlparser#test('autoload/vimlparser.vim')" -c ":q"
vim -u NONE -N --cmd "let &rtp .= ',' . getcwd()" --cmd  -c ":q"  48.88s user 0.05s system 99% cpu 48.942 total

$ python3 -V
Python 3.5.0

$ time python3 py/ autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null
python3 py/ autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null  4.17s user 0.04s system 99% cpu 4.236 total

$ pypy3 -V
Python 3.2.5 (b2091e973da69152b3f928bfaabd5d2347e6df46, Mar 04 2016, 07:08:30)
[PyPy 2.4.0 with GCC 5.3.0]

$ time pypy3 py/ autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null
pypy3 py/ autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null  2.63s user 0.06s system 99% cpu 2.694 total

$ node --version

$ time node js/vimlparser.js autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null
node js/vimlparser.js autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null  0.77s user 0.04s system 125% cpu 0.644 total

$ go get
$ time vimlparser autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null
vimlparser autoload/vimlparser.vim > /dev/null  0.25s user 0.03s system 114% cpu 0.244 total
Language Time (sec)
Vim script 48.88s
Python3 4.17s
pypy3 2.63s
node 0.77s
Go 0.25s

Note that, in addition to the Go lang speed, I added performance improvement for Go implementation.

Rich interface compared to other implementation

go-vimlparser is written in Go which is typed language and I added Go-ish interface, so you can see each node fields. e.g.

package doc
go-vimlparser GoDoc
go-vimlparser/ast GoDoc
go-vimlparser/token GoDoc

CLI tool


go get


$ echo 'let x = 1' | vimlparser
(let = x 1)
$ vimlparser autoload/vimlparser.vim | head -n 5
; vim:set ts=8 sts=2 sw=2 tw=0 et:
; VimL parser - Vim Script Parser
; License: This file is placed in the public domain.

As a Lint Tool

You can use it to detect syntax error. It doesn't check much things compared to existing lint tool for Vim script, but it runs fast even if you pass lots of files to it.

$ vimlparser **/*.vim > /dev/null
test/test_err_funcarg_duplicate.vim:1:20: vimlparser: E853: Duplicate argument name: b
test/test_err_funcarg_firstline.vim:1:14: vimlparser: E125: Illegal argument: firstline
test/test_err_funcarg_lastline.vim:1:14: vimlparser: E125: Illegal argument: lastline
test/test_err_funcarg.vim:1:44: vimlparser: E125: Illegal argument: a:bar
test/test_err_funcname.vim:11:10: vimlparser: E128: Function name must start with a capital or contain a colon: foo
test/test_err_toomanyarg.vim:1:9: vimlparser: E740: Too many arguments for function
test/test_err_varname.vim:1:5: vimlparser: E461: Illegal variable name: foo:bar
test/test_issue16_err_line_continuation_lnum2.vim:3:9: vimlparser: E488: Trailing characters: z
test/test_issue16_err_line_continuation_lnum.vim:2:9: vimlparser: E488: Trailing characters: z
test/test_neo_tnoremap.vim:1:1: vimlparser: E492: Not an editor command: tnoremap <Esc> <C-\><C-N>
test/test_noneo_tnoremap.vim:1:1: vimlparser: E492: Not an editor command: tnoremap <Esc> <C-\><C-N>
test/test_xxx_colonsharp.vim:2:6: vimlparser: unexpected token: :
test/test_xxx_err_funcarg_space_comma.vim:19:14: vimlparser: E475: Invalid argument: White space is not allowed before comma
" sample
command! LintVimLParser :silent cexpr system('vimlparser ' . expand('%') . ' > /dev/null')
augroup lint-vimlparser
  autocmd BufWritePost *.vim LintVimLParser
augroup END


@ynkdir for

🐦 Author

Original Author: haya14busa (

Maintenance Author: vim-jp