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Welcome to the Serenity wiki!

This wiki is a community-driven project to assist in the shared knowledge of the Serenity Platform. Here you can find just about any information you would like to, from friendly how-tos to a list of items that can be found in the platform. Keep in mind that this wiki is still in the early stages of creation so not all information can be found here.

If you have something you would like to share feel free to create a page and share it with the community!

Getting Started

Issue Reporting Guide

Confused or lost? You can ask help by filing an issue: to get effective results, first check out the following:

Contribution Guide

When creating a tutorial or how-to, kindly include as many of the following info as possible:

  • Compatible Serenity/Serene Version/s:
  • Modules/Filenames Concerned:
  • Instructions/Step-by-step:
  • Warnings/Important Notes:
  • Examples (Code snippets):
  • Sources/Referenced Issues/Credits:

How to's - (contributions and tutorials)

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