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Voximplant Unity SDK



  1. Download latest Voximplant Unity SDK from GitHub Releases
  2. In Unity Editor, select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package... Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Voximplant Unity SDK and select VoximplantSDK-*.unitypackage.
  3. Import all assets in the package.


To get started, you'll need to register a free Voximplant developer account.


IClient is the main class of the SDK that provides access to Voximplant’s functions, the VoximplantSdk.GetClient() method is used to get its instance:

_client = VoximplantSdk.GetClient();

_client.Connected += ClientOnConnected;
_client.LoginSuccess += ClientOnLoginSuccess;

Connect and log in to the Voximplant Cloud

The IClient.State property is used to get the current state of connection to the Voximplant cloud and perform the actions according to it.

private void LoginWithPassword(string login, string password) {
    _login = login;
    _password = password;
    if (_client.State == ClientState.Disconnected)
    else if (_client.State == ClientState.Connected)
        _client.Login(_login, _password);

private void ClientOnConnected(IClient sender)
    _client.Login(_login, _password);

private void ClientOnLoginSuccess(IClient sender, LoginSuccessEventArgs e)
    _displayName = e.DisplayName;

Make calls

To initiate a call we need the IClient.Call() method. There is a CallSettings class which could contain custom data and extra headers (SIP headers).

Since the call can behave in different ways, there is a group of call events. They can be triggered by the ICall instance as the class contains all the functionality for call management.

private ICall MakeAudioCall(string number)
    var call = _client.Call(number, new CallSettings());
    if (call == null) return null;

    call.Disconnected += OnCallDisconnected;
    call.Failed += OnCallFailed;
    call.Connected += OnCallConnected;
    call.Ringing += OnCallRinging;
    call.AudioStarted += OnCallAudioStarted;

    return call;

private void OnCallConnected(ICall sender, CallConnectedEventArgs e)
    Debug.Log("Call connected");

Receiving calls

IClient.IncomingCall event handler is used to get incoming calls.

There are two methods for an incoming call: answer and reject. An audio stream can be sent only after the answer method call.

VoximplantSdk.GetClient().IncomingCall += OnIncomingCall;

private void OnIncomingCall(IClient sender, IncomingCallEventArgs e)
    sender.Answer(new CallSettings());

Mid-call operations

Call can be put on/off hold

_call.Hold(true, error =>
    if (error != null)


  • Supported Unity versions 2020, 2019 (LTS) and 2018 (LTS)
  • Android Multithreaded and Vulkan rendering are unsupported
  • iOS OpenGL rendering is unsupported