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A useful script for scientific writing that converts multiple formats to PDF.

  • converts all supported formats into PDF when modification time changes
  • output PDFs are automatically cropped
  • tested on Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

Build Status

How to use

cd /path/to/my/latex/paper/images
figconv       # generates PDFs
figconv --png # generates PDFs and PNGs

How to install - Debian derivatives

On Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you can install the latest release as a deb package. This has some optional dependencies. After downloading the file figconv_<VERSION>.deb, install it using the following command:

sudo dpkg -i figconv_<VERSION>.deb

How to install - Other Unix distros

You can install figconv directly from github into your /usr/local directory. It is generally not recommended to run sudo make ... on stuff downloaded from the Internet. So you have been warned!

git clone --depth 1
cd figconv
sudo make install

Uninstallation also works:

sudo make uninstall

You can install/uninstall it somewhere else as follows:

INSTALL_PATH=/path/to/other/dir make install
INSTALL_PATH=/path/to/other/dir make uninstall

Supported output formats

  • PDF (default and also used for intermediate conversion to other formats)
  • PNG (requires Ghostscript gs)

Supported input formats

  • OpenOffice / LibreOffice formats:

    • requires unoconv utility
    • ODT (Writer): Every page exported as a single PDF
    • ODG (Draw): Every page exported as a single PDF
    • ODS (Calc): Every sheet exported as a single PDF
  • SVG

    • requires Inkscape
    • SVG filters such as Duotone will be resterized
  • Dia diagrams

  • Plots generated in R language

    • single R file per diagram
    • global parameters pdf.width and pdf.heigth

Runtime Dependencies

How to contribute

Other links