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  1. webpack webpack Public

    A full-featured Webpack + vue-loader setup with hot reload, linting, testing & css extraction.

    JavaScript 9.7k 4.4k

  2. pwa pwa Public

    PWA template for vue-cli based on the webpack template

    JavaScript 3k 513

  3. webpack-simple webpack-simple Public

    A simple Webpack + vue-loader setup for quick prototyping.

    JavaScript 2.3k 897

  4. simple simple Public

    The simplest possible Vue setup in a single HTML file

    HTML 268 224

  5. browserify browserify Public

    A full-featured Browserify + vueify setup with hot-reload, linting & unit testing.

    Vue 274 85

  6. browserify-simple browserify-simple Public

    A simple Browserify + vueify setup for quick prototyping.

    Vue 111 34


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