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R: @addyosmani, whom I discussed this with out-of-band.
CC: @yyx990803, in case there are any concerns, specifically about the readiness of pointing people to `vue-cli` 3.0 as an alternative at this point.

I wanted to reflect the reality of the current state of this template, as the `pwa` template that ships with `vue-cli` is where our efforts will be devoted moving forward.

Fixes #190

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Maintenance Mode

The code in this repo is in maintenance mode, with limited plans for future changes. Our focus moving forward is adding PWA support to Vue CLI 3.0, using its new pwa plugin. We encourage this work to be used for new projects as it is being actively developed. If you have issues with the current codebase, give the new version a spin and let us know what you think.


A full-featured PWA template with webpack, hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing & css extraction.


  • This template builds on top of the main webpack template, so please refer to the webpack template docs.

  • Check out the official Vue.js guide for general information about Vue that is not specific to this template.


This is a project template for vue-cli. It is recommended to use npm 3+ or yarn for a more efficient dependency tree.

$ npm install -g vue-cli
$ vue init pwa my-project
$ cd my-project
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

This will scaffold the project using the master branch. If you wish to use the latest version of the PWA template, do the following instead:

$ vue init pwa#development my-project

⚠️ The development branch is not considered stable and can contain bugs or not build at all, so use at your own risk.

If port 8080 is already in use on your machine you must change the port number in /config/index.js. Otherwise npm run dev will fail.

What's not Included

  • You should configure your web server to add HTTP headers to prevent caching of critical service worker files. If you don't do this, browsers might cache the content for up to 24 hours. In addition, you should add HTTP headers to prevent the contents of the static folder to be cached unintentionally long.

See "Configuring your Web server to prevent caching" in the docs for more information.

What's Included

  • Service Worker precaching of application shell + static assets (prod)
  • Script (async chunk) preloading using <link rel="preload">
  • Web Application Manifest + favicons
  • Mobile-friendly meta-viewport
  • Lighthouse score of 90+/100
  • npm run dev: first-in-class development experience.

    • Webpack + vue-loader for single file Vue components.
    • State preserving hot-reload
    • State preserving compilation error overlay
    • Lint-on-save with ESLint
    • Source maps
  • npm run build: Production ready build.

    • JavaScript minified with UglifyJS v3.
    • HTML minified with html-minifier.
    • CSS across all components extracted into a single file and minified with cssnano.
    • All static assets compiled with version hashes for efficient long-term caching, and a production index.html is auto-generated with proper URLs to these generated assets.
    • Use npm run build --reportto build with bundle size analytics.
    • Generates a Service Worker for offline caching your static assets using sw-precache-webpack-plugin
  • npm run unit: Unit tests run in PhantomJS with Karma + Mocha + karma-webpack.

    • Supports ES2015+ in test files.
    • Supports all webpack loaders.
    • Easy mock injection.
  • npm run e2e: End-to-end tests with Nightwatch.

    • Run tests in multiple browsers in parallel.
    • Works with one command out of the box:
      • Selenium and chromedriver dependencies automatically handled.
      • Automatically spawns the Selenium server.

Fork It And Make Your Own

You can fork this repo to create your own boilerplate, and use it with vue-cli:

vue init username/repo my-project


This project is a modified copy of the vue-webpack-boilerplate template.

While we welcome contributions from the community, please note that changes to configuration that is shared between this project and vue-webpack-boilerplate should be made against vue-webpack-boilerplate first.

Once the upstream PR is merged, please file an additional PR against this project making the equivalent changes. This will help ensure that the shared configuration does not diverge too much.

Any changes that are specific to this project—related to service workers, or other PWA functionality—do not need an equivalent upstream PR.