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This is the branch for VuePress 1.x and docs are available at

Status: alpha

Certain combinations of plugins may not work properly, and things may change or break until we reach beta phase. Do not use in production yet unless you are adventurous.

For 0.x, it's moved to 0.x branch and still maintained, the website is:


yarn add vuepress -D       # Install 0.x
yarn add vuepress@next -D  # Install 1.x.


Check out Awesome Vuepress to find awesome things related to VuePress 1.x .


Please make sure your version of Node.js is greater than 8.

yarn dev  # serves VuePress' own docs with itself
yarn test # make sure your code change pass the test

If you intend to make "substantial" changes to VuePress or its documentation, please checkout VuePress RFCs.



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