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JavaScript 0 166


forked from gilbitron/Raneto

Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs

Updated Mar 18, 2016


forked from tudou527/marketch

Marketch is a Sketch 3 plug-in for automatically generating html page that can measure and get CSS styles on it.

Updated Feb 29, 2016

JavaScript 0 327


forked from weareoutman/clockpicker

A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap (or jQuery).

Updated Jun 24, 2015

JavaScript 0 28


forked from joshsalverda/datepickr

A simple JavaScript date picker

Updated Mar 12, 2015

JavaScript 0 196


forked from jonom/jquery-focuspoint

jQuery plugin for 'responsive cropping'. Dynamically crop images to fill available space without cutting out the image's subject. Great for full-screen images.

Updated Sep 26, 2014

JavaScript 1 331


forked from bgrins/spectrum

The No Hassle JavaScript Colorpicker

Updated Aug 1, 2014

JavaScript 0 247


forked from rgrove/lazyload

Unmaintained. Pull requests and issues ignored. Please feel free to fork.

Updated Aug 1, 2014

JavaScript 0 524


forked from goldfire/howler.js

Javascript audio library for the modern web.

Updated May 29, 2014

JavaScript 0 232


forked from guardian/scribe

A rich text editor framework for the web platform

Updated Apr 3, 2014


forked from ivaldi/brimir

Email helpdesk built using Ruby on Rails and Zurb Foundation

Updated Nov 29, 2013

JavaScript 0 8


forked from joshfraser/postmessage

Backwards compatible window.postMessage()

Updated Oct 28, 2013

JavaScript 0 71


forked from OliverJAsh/grunt-contrib-jade

Compile Jade files to HTML.

Updated Jul 4, 2013

JavaScript 0 914


forked from malihu/malihu-custom-scrollbar-plugin

jQuery custom scrollbar plugin utilizing jquery UI that's fully customizable with CSS. Features vertical/horizontal scrolling, mouse-wheel support, scroll easing, adjustable scrollbar height/width etc.

Updated Jul 1, 2013

JavaScript 0 3,598


forked from videojs/video.js

Universal video embed.

Updated May 29, 2013

CoffeeScript 0 238


forked from dropbox/dropbox-js

JavaScript client library for the Dropbox API

Updated Apr 4, 2013

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