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CSP: Removing Worker/SharedWorker from 'script-src'.

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mikewest committed Apr 25, 2014
1 parent 7e36fa1 commit ad525f13d111ba366b4fae9678b6097e5ee829ad
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@@ -2143,9 +2143,6 @@ <h3><code>script-src</code></h3>
<a href="#dfn-a-valid-nonce">a valid nonce</a> for the
<a href="#dfn-allowed-script-sources">allowed script sources</a>.</li>

<li>Requesting a script while processing the
<code>Worker</code> or <code>SharedWorker</code> constructors. [[!WEBWORKERS]]</li>

<li>Requesting a script while invoking the <code>importScripts</code>
method on a WorkerGlobalScope object. [[!WEBWORKERS]]</li>

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