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Web of Things

This is a repository for the W3C Web of Things Interest Group.

This repository is mainly for archival and general logistics. For work on a specific topic, one of the other repositories dedicated to that topic may be more relevant:

How to Get Involved

Web-site based Pull-Request

  • Fork the w3c/wot repository into your own account (botton in the top right corner)
  • Navigate to a file in your master branch that you want to change (e.g.,{your-account}/wot/blob/master/charters/wot-ig-2016.html or{your-account}/wot/blob/master/charters/wot-wg-2016.html)
  • Click the edit icon in the upper right (pen next to Raw/Blame/History)
  • Make your edits (e.g., directly in the online editor or by copying the text to your favorite editor and back)
  • Give a meaningful commit message (i.e., do not leave "Update ...")
  • Choose Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request and give a proper name (e.g., charters-ig-scope-plugfest)
  • Click Propose file change
  • Skip the form, since you do not want to create a PR to your fork. Instead, go to, where GitHub will have found your new branch and will offer to open a pull-request (base fork: w3c/wot, base: master ... head fork: {your-account}/wot, compare: {your-branch}).
  • If you have a separate change proposal for the same file, go back to your master branch and repeat the process from clicking the edit icon.
  • If the pull-request discussion expects you to update your change proposal, go to your branch corresponding to the PR, click the edit icon, and commit directly to that branch.

Command-line based Pull-Request

  • Fork the w3c/wot repository into your own account
  • Create a branch in your fork for one particular topic (e.g., a single IG scope item) with a proper name (e.g., charter-ig-scope-plugfest)
  • Make your edits and commit
  • Push the new branch to your own repository fork
  • GitHub will automatically offer to open a pull-request to w3c/wot (from your new branch to master)

Github Help

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