A workshop on multi-omics data representation and analysis with MultiAssayExperiment
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Multi-omics data representation and analysis with MultiAssayExperiment

July 20, 2018 BiocNYC R/Bioconductor meet-up

Marcel Ramos and Levi Waldron

The MultiAssayExperiment software package provides for the coordinated representation of, storage of, and operation on multiple diverse genomics data. It integrates an open-ended set of single-assay data classes, while abstracting the complexity of back-end data objects through a sufficient set of data manipulation, extraction, and re-shaping methods to interface with most R/Bioconductor data analysis and visualization tools. This workshop will introduce the data class and essential operations on it, then will lead users through a complete workflow including construction and several statistical analyses of a multi-omics dataset.

To install the workshop dependencies on your own RStudio desktop (the first line installs experimental data packages not installed automatically by biocLite):

BiocInstaller::biocLite(c("curatedTCGAData", "mirbase.db", "EnsDb.Hsapiens.v86"))