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Context-aware Neural Information Retrieval


PyTorch code for our ICLR 2018 and SIGIR 2019 papers.

The codebase contains source-code of 8 document ranking models, 3 query suggestions models and 3 multi-task context-aware ranking and suggestion models.

Document Ranking Models
Query Suggestion Models

Please note, we have a simplified implementation of ACG.

Multi-task Learning Models


Training/Testing Models

$ cd  scripts
  • To train/test document ranking models, use in place of SCRIPT_NAME
  • To train/test query suggestion models, use in place of SCRIPT_NAME
  • To train/test multitask models, use in place of SCRIPT_NAME

Here is a list of models which you can use in place of MODEL_NAME.

  • Document Ranking Models: esm, dssm, cdssm, drmm, arci, arcii, duet, match_tensor
  • Query Suggestion Models: seq2seq, hredqs, acg
  • Multitask Models: mnsrf, m_match_tensor, cars

For example, if you want to run our CARS model, run the following command.

bash GPU_ID cars
Running experiments on CPU/GPU/Multi-GPU
  • If GPU_ID is set to -1, CPU will be used.
  • If GPU_ID is set to one specific number, only one GPU will be used.
  • If GPU_ID is set to multiple numbers (e.g., 0,1,2), then parallel computing will be used.

An Artificial Dataset

We are unable to make our experimental dataset publicly available. However, we are sharing scripts to create an artificial dataset from MSMARCO Q&A v2.1 and MSMARCO Conversational Search datasets. Please run the script by going into the /data/msmarco/ directory. Once the data is generated, you should be able to see a table showing the following statistics.

Attribute Train Dev Test
Sessions 223876 24832 27673
Queries 1530546 169413 189095
Avg Session Len 6.84 6.82 6.83
Avg Query Len 3.84 3.85 3.84
Max Query Len 40 32 32
Avg Doc Len 63.41 63.43 63.48
Max Doc Len 290 290 290
Avg Click Per Query 1.05 1.05 1.05
Max Click Per Query 6 6 6

Results on the Artificial Dataset

Coming soon!


I borrowed and modified code from DrQA, OpenNMT. I would like to expresse my gratitdue for authors of these repositeries.


If you find the resources in this repo useful, please cite our works.

 author = {Ahmad, Wasi Uddin and Chang, Kai-Wei and Wang, Hongning},
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 booktitle = {Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval},
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Official implementation of our ICLR 2018 and SIGIR 2019 papers on Context-aware Neural Information Retrieval




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