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A programming language that understands what a web app is.

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{= We are hiring! =}

Wasp (Web Application Specification Language) is a declarative DSL (domain-specific language) for developing, building and deploying modern full-stack web apps with less code.

Concepts such as app, page, user, login, frontend, production, etc. are baked into the language, bringing a new level of expressiveness and allowing you to get more work done with fewer lines of code.

While describing high-level features with Wasp, you still write the rest of your logic in your favorite technologies (currently React, NodeJS, Prisma).

NOTE: Wasp is in alpha and is therefore likely to change a lot, have bugs and miss important features.

// file: main.wasp

app TodoApp {
  title: "Todo App"

route RootRoute { path: "/", to: MainPage }
page MainPage {
  component: import Main from "@ext/pages/Main.js" // Importing React component.

query getTasks {
  fn: import { getTasks } from "@ext/queries.js", // Importing NodeJS code.
  entities: [Task]

entity Task {=psl
    id          Int     @id @default(autoincrement())
    description String
    isDone      Boolean @default(false)

Source files (.wasp, .js(x), .css, ...) are compiled by waspc (Wasp compiler) into the web technology stack of your choice (currently React + NodeJS/ExpressJS + Prisma).

▶️ Check out TodoApp example for the complete code example. ◀️

Why is Wasp awesome:

  • Quick start: Due to its expressiveness, you can create and deploy a production-ready web app from scratch with very few lines of concise, consistent, declarative code.
  • Flexible: When you need more control than Wasp offers, you can write code in existing technologies such as js/html/css/... and combine it with Wasp code!
  • No lock-in: If Wasp becomes too limiting for you, simply eject and continue with the generated source code, which is human-readable.

For more information about Wasp, check docs.

Get started


curl -sSL | sh

to install Wasp on OSX/Linux. From there, just follow the instructions to run your first app in less then a minute!

For more details (including installing on Windows) check out the docs.

This repository

This is the main repo of the Wasp universe, containing core code (mostly waspc - Wasp compiler) and the supporting materials.

Project status

Currently, Wasp is in alpha and has enough features so that you can develop a basic web app in it! You might find that it misses flexibility in some places or that some bigger features are missing, but the basics are there and we are now adding on top of them. In the case you get stuck, you can take the generated code and continue with it. As Wasp grows further, it should allow the development of web apps of increasing complexity, without the need to eject!

While the idea is to support multiple web tech stacks in the future, right now we are focusing on the specific stack: React + react-query, NodeJS + ExpressJS, Prisma. We might yet change that as time goes, taking trends into account, but for now, this is serving us well for the purpose of developing compiler and language.


Any way you want to contribute is a good way :)!

The best place to start is to check out waspc/, where you can find detailed steps for the first time contributors + technical details about the Wasp compiler.

Even if you don't plan to submit any code, just joining the discussion on discord Discord and giving your feedback is already great and helps a lot (motivates us and helps us figure out how to shape Wasp)!

You can also:

  • Star this repo to show your interest/support.
  • 📫 Stay updated by subscribing to our email list.


Check our careers page for a list of currently opened positions!