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The fastest buffer-jumping Emacs lisp package around
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Frog Jump Buffer


frog-jump-buffer is the fastest buffer-jumping Emacs lisp package around. It is the spiritual successor to ace-jump-buffer and is powered by avy via frog-menu. Just like ace-jump-buffer, it allows you to hop to any Emacs buffer in 2-3 key strokes.



This project isn’t in any recipe repositories yet, so you’ll need to install it manually or directly from Github for now.



This is the main entry-point. Bind it to your preferred key-binding.

It opens the frog-menu buffer selector. The buffers appear in order of most recent display or selection.

Selecting the avy character next to a buffer switches to that buffer.

Use 0 to toggle between opening in the same window or (other-window).

The numbers 1 through 4 will cycle through the default buffer filters.

If you would like to call a function that uses a specific filter function by default, you can do so by defining a function like this:

(defun frog-jump-buffer-same-project ()
  (let ((frog-jump-buffer-current-filter-function #'frog-jump-buffer-filter-same-project))

Likewise, to define a jump function that defaults to opening in (other-window), you can do this:

(defun frog-jump-buffer-same-project ()
  (let ((frog-jump-buffer-target-other-window t))



This is a list of regexps of buffer names to ignore or buffer-matching filter functions to use.


This is the maximum number of buffers to show in the frog-menu. The default is 12.


This is the default filter to use when invoking frog-jump-buffer. Shows all buffers by default.


These are the built-in buffer filter actions available during frog-jump-buffer. Each action is a list of the form (KEY DESCRIPTION FILTER-FUNCTION). You can add additional buffer filters like so:

(defun frog-jump-buffer-filter-special-buffers (buffer)
  (with-current-buffer buffer
    (-any? #'derived-mode-p '(comint-mode magit-mode inf-ruby-mode rg-mode compilation-mode))))

 '("5" "[special]" frog-jump-buffer-filter-special-buffers) t)

Each filter function receives a buffer as an argument and should return a non-nil value if that buffer should be displayed in frog-menu-buffer.

The built-in filter functions, bound to 1, 2, 3, 4 are:

  • frog-jump-buffer-filter-all
  • frog-jump-buffer-filter-same-project
  • frog-jump-buffer-filter-same-mode
  • frog-jump-buffer-filter-file-buffers

See frog-menu-buffer.el for more details.

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