Mongo vs Mysql Test Performance in Nodejs
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Mongo Mysql Test Performance in Nodejs


git clone
cd mongo-mysql
npm install
node index

Comparison tests made by this repo

With data size in rows numbers :

10 rows

mysql insert: 1702ms
mysql select: 11ms

mongo insert: 47ms
mongo select: 12ms

100 rows

mysql insert: 8171ms
mysql select: 10ms

mongo insert: 167ms
mongo select: 60ms

1.000 rows

mysql insert: 94813ms (1.58 minutes)
mysql select: 13ms

mongo insert: 1013ms
mongo select: 677ms

10.000 rows

mysql insert: 924695ms (15.41 minutes)
mysql select: 144ms

mongo insert: 9956ms (9.95 seconds)
mongo select: 4539ms (4.539 seconds)

@ivanpopelyshev results :

On SSD virtual server

mysql insert: 1214ms
mongo insert: 1401ms
mysql select: 9ms
mongo select: 326ms

mysql insert: 11557ms
mongo insert: 7751ms
mysql select: 30ms
mongo select: 2957ms

ENGINE='MyISAM' for mysql tables:

mysql insert: 361ms
mongo insert: 938ms
mysql select: 9ms
mongo select: 345ms

mysql insert: 3394ms
mongo insert: 6985ms
mysql select: 31ms
mongo select: 3080ms