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The node core libs for in-browser usage.

NOTE: This library is deprecated and won't accept Pull Requests that include Breaking Changes or new Features. Only bugfixes are accepted.

dependencies status

Exports a hash [object] of absolute paths to each lib, keyed by lib names. Modules without browser replacements are null.

Some modules have mocks in the mock directory. These are replacements with minimal functionality.

lib name browser implementation mock implementation
assert defunctzombie/commonjs-assert ---
buffer feross/buffer buffer.js
child_process --- ---
cluster --- ---
console Raynos/console-browserify console.js
constants juliangruber/constants-browserify ---
crypto crypto-browserify/crypto-browserify ---
dgram --- ---
dns --- dns.js
domain bevry/domain-browser ---
events Gozala/events ---
fs --- ---
http jhiesey/stream-http ---
https substack/https-browserify ---
module --- ---
net --- net.js
os CoderPuppy/os-browserify ---
path substack/path-browserify ---
process shtylman/node-process process.js
punycode bestiejs/punycode.js ---
querystring mike-spainhower/querystring ---
readline --- ---
repl --- ---
stream substack/stream-browserify ---
string_decoder rvagg/string_decoder ---
sys defunctzombie/node-util ---
timers jryans/timers-browserify ---
tls --- tls.js
tty substack/tty-browserify tty.js
url defunctzombie/node-url ---
util defunctzombie/node-util ---
vm substack/vm-browserify ---
zlib devongovett/browserify-zlib ---

Outdated versions


The current buffer implementation uses feross/buffer@4.x because feross/buffer@5.x relies on typed arrays. This will be dropped as soon as IE9 is not a typical browser target anymore.


The current punycode implementation uses bestiejs/punycode.js@1.x because bestiejs/punycode.js@2.x requires modern JS engines that understand const and let. It will be removed someday since it has already been deprecated from the node API.