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reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files
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reveal.js on steroids! Get beautiful reveal.js presentations from your Markdown files.


npm install -g reveal-md

Quick demo

reveal-md demo

Markdown in reveal.js

The Markdown feature of reveal.js is awesome, and has an easy (and configurable) syntax to separate slides. Use three dashes surrounded by two blank lines (\n---\n). Example:

# Title

* Point 1
* Point 2


## Second slide

> Best quote ever.

Note: speaker notes FTW!

The separator syntax can be overriden (e.g. I like to use three blank lines).

Speaker Notes

You can use the speaker notes feature by using a line starting with Note:.


To open specific Markdown file as Reveal.js slideshow:


You can also provide a url that resolves to a Markdown resource (over http(s)).


Show (recursive) directory listing of Markdown files:

reveal-md dir/

Show directory listing of Markdown files in current directory:


Override theme (default: black):

reveal-md --theme solarized

Override highlight theme (default: zenburn):

reveal-md --highlightTheme github

Override slide separator (default: \n---\n):

reveal-md --separator "^\n\n\n"

Override vertical/nested slide separator (default: \n----\n):

reveal-md --vertical "^\n\n"

Override port (default: 1948):

reveal-md --port 8888

Print Support

Requires phantomjs to be installed (preferably globally)

This will try to create a pdf with the passed in file (eg and outputted to the name passed into the --print parameter (eg slides.pdf)

reveal-md --print slides.pdf


You can define Reveal.js options in a reveal.json file that you should put in the root directory of the Markdown files. They'll be picked up automatically. Example:

    "controls": true,
    "progress": true


  • reveal-md always starts a local server and opens the default browser
  • From any presentation, navigate to the root (e.g. http://localhost:1948) to get directory listing of (linked) Markdown files. Root folder is resolved from Markdown file (or directory) reveal-md was started with.



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