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anandology added some commits Dec 15, 2007
@anandology anandology Aaron's htmlunquote (pulled from webpy.dev) c791305
@anandology anandology fix indentation in ThreadedDict (pulled from webpy.dev) 0c9d268
@anandology anandology New functions: sendmail, emailerrors (pulled from webpy.dev) ee1c499
@anandology anandology smarter web.sendmail (WARNING: backwards incompatible API change) (pu…
…lled from webpy.dev)
@anandology anandology update debugerror to use new API (pulled from webpy.dev) bdcd373
@anandology anandology typo in web.sendmail (pulled from webpy.dev) 9162d39
@anandology anandology reorganized directory structure. (pulled from webpy.dev) 195056a
@anandology anandology typo in web.sendmail (pulled from webpy.dev) 719005d
@anandology anandology support for multiple recipients and smtp authentication in sendmail (…
…pulled from webpy.dev)
@anandology anandology support for secure cookies (pulled from webpy.dev) 7223775
@anandology anandology Added support for https. tx ulrik. d042fdc
@anandology anandology fix in web.reparam: making a copy of dictionary because eval mangles it 62d9019
@anandology anandology fix: unicode support in db.sqllist. (bug#137042) 175c8b6
@anandology anandology support for cc and bcc in web.sendmail 247d501
@anandology anandology fix: transaction error in with statement a9df657
@anandology anandology only uppercase HTTP methods are allowed. (fix for bug@#176415) be46bf1
@anandology anandology fix: web.profile behavior in python 2.5 (Bug#133080) 90433b7
@anandology anandology web.py test suite. e3b2276
@anandology anandology fix for postgres unicode bug (Bug#177265) 2fb8483
@anandology anandology fix for web.background gotcha (Bug#133079) 07ae511
@anandology anandology fix for postgres unicode bug (Bug#177265) when using with polling. dd2fbdb
@anandology anandology fix for Bug#180134 - Error in one query makes subsequent queries fail 534f7ab
@anandology anandology fixed unicode issue in template.py (Bug#180510) and converted tests t…
…o doctests.
@anandology anandology more tests 74146b4
@anandology anandology fixed error with unicode message in sendmail (Bug#180549) 4ab0b84
@anandology anandology fixed unicode issues in form.py (Bug#180653) 3c82303
@anandology anandology fixed another unicode issue in template.py (Bug#180510) 2eb1b9c
@anandology anandology changed version to 0.23 dc06d89
@anandology anandology test.py is not used any more. 7cf8fff
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