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Craftsmen of Ruby on Rails, Elixir, JavaScript and mobile apps. We are a web and mobile development team, located in Turin, Italy.

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  1. Multi-stage command line deploy/mirroring and task runner for Wordpress

    Ruby 1.7k 159

  2. All the power of Pug, Sass, Coffeescript and WebPack in your WordPress theme. Stop writing themes like it's 1998.

    PHP 1.3k 97

  3. Forked from thoughtbot/suspenders

    A CLI for creating Rails apps with weLaika's standard defaults.

    Ruby 4 3

  4. Solidus E-Commerce extension to manage italian billing addresses attributes like VAT Number, Personal Tax Code, etc...

    Ruby 1

  5. Crawling since 1957

    Elixir 28 3


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