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w11: PDP 11/70 CPU and SoC

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The project contains the VHDL code for a complete DEC PDP-11 system: a PDP-11/70 CPU with a memory management unit, but without a floating point unit, a complete set of mass storage peripherals (RK11/RK05, RL11/RL02, RH70/RP06, TM11/TU10) and a rather complete set of UNIBUS peripherals (DL11, LP11, PC11, DZ11, and DEUNA), and last but not least a cache and memory controllers for SRAM, PSRAM and SDRAM (via Xilinx MIG core). The design is FPGA proven, runs currently on Digilent Arty A7, Basys3, Cmod A7, Nexys A7, Nexys4, Nexys3, Nexys2 and S3board boards and boots 5th Edition UNIX, 2.11BSD UNIX, as well as various DEC operating systems from provided oskits.

For more information look into:

A short description of the directory layout is provided separately, the top-level directories are

Directory Content
doc documentation
rtl HDL sources (mostly VHDL)
tools many tools

Note on freecores/w11

The freecores team created in 2014 a copy of almost all OpenCores cores in Github under freecores. This created freecores/w11 which is outdated and not maintained. Only wfjm/w11 is maintained.


This project is released under the GPL V3 license, all files contain an SPDX-style disclaimer:

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

The full text of the GPL license is in this directory as License.txt.