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Video Hub App

Video Hub App is the fastest way to browse and search for videos on your computer. Think of it like YouTube for videos on your computer: browse, search, and preview. Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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This software is available for $3.50 through

$3.50 of every sale goes to the cost-effective charity Against Malaria Foundation.

Video Hub App


Video Hub App was created by Boris Yakubchik. It uses Angular and Electron.


This software was built on top of angular-electron 1.9.0 by Maxime GRIS and has been updated since then. It carries an MIT license (see the LICENSE file). While the license is permissive, I ask that you do not distribute free copies of this software unless you have significantly changed it.


I would love to see the improvements you make to this app and am happy to accept pull requests. Reach out if you'd like to coordinate / collaborate.

Upcoming features

A list of upcoming features is listed on the official website.

Before starting work on those features, I intend to upgrade to Angular 7 and Electron 4.

Current versions

  • Angular v5.1.1
  • Angular-CLI v1.6.1
  • Electron v1.7.8
  • Electron Builder v19.49.0

Works with:

  • Node v8.9.4
  • npm v5.6.0

Thank you

This software would not be possible without the tremendous work by other people: