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A Jetpack-powered companion app for WooCommerce.

Build Instructions

  • Download Xcode
    • At the moment WooCommerce for iOS uses Swift 5 and requires Xcode 10.2 or newer. Previous versions of Xcode can be downloaded from Apple
  • Clone project by git clone in the folder of your preference
  • Enter the project directory by cd woocommerce-ios
  • Install the third party dependencies and tools required to run the project
    • We use a few tools to help with development. To install or update the required dependencies, run the follow command on the command line: bundle exec pod install
    • In some cases, you may also have to: bundle install
  • Open the project by double clicking on WooCommerce.xcworkspace file, or launching Xcode and choose File > Open and browse to WooCommerce.xcworkspace


We use SwiftLint to enforce a common style for Swift code. The app should build and work without it, but if you plan to write code, you are encouraged to run it locally by rake lint (first run will install SwiftLint if you don't have it). No pull requests should have lint warnings or errors before merging, and we also have Hound (mentioned below) to help us in pull requests on GitHub.

If your code has any style violations, you can try to automatically correct them by running:

rake lint:autocorrect

Otherwise, you can also fix them manually.


The woocommerce-ios project uses CocoaPods to manage third party libraries.
Third party libraries and resources managed by CocoaPods will be installed by the bundle exec pod install command above.


The woocommerce-ios project uses Peril to enforce Pull Request guidelines.

Circle CI

The woocommerce-ios project uses Circle CI for continuous integration.


The woocommerce-ios project uses Hound to enforce basic Swift styles. (Not all Woo styles are defined in Hound.)


If you happen to find a security vulnerability, we would appreciate you letting us know at and allowing us to respond before disclosing the issue publicly.

Need help?

You can find the WooCommerce usage docs here:

General usage and development questions:



WooCommerce for iOS is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License version 2.

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