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xm systems

A CMS – ideal for location based services, the IoT and as an app backend.

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  1. Morpheus Morpheus Public

    JSONAPI Implementation for Android

    Java 27 7

  2. xamoom-janus xamoom-janus Public

    A module to serialze python objects to json api compatible messages and also deserialize json api messages back to python objects.

    Python 10 3

  3. xamoom-pingeborg-ios xamoom-pingeborg-ios Public

    Demo App to showcase xamoom's ios SDK

    Objective-C 5 1

  4. xamoom-android-sdk xamoom-android-sdk Public

    Java 5 4

  5. Public

    xamoom developer pages

    HTML 5 1

  6. xamoom-ios-sdk xamoom-ios-sdk Public

    xamoom's ios SDK

    Objective-C 4 2


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