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How to Compile libxayagame in Windows

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How to Compile libxayagame

In this tutorial, we'll compile libxayagame for C++ so that we can use it in other tutorials and even in our own games.


Download MSYS2 x86_64 ( from this link:

Install into default path C:/msys64 then run MSYS2 MingGW 64-bit (NOT the 32-bit version) from your Start menu.

Update with pacman as follows.

pacman -Syuu

Type 'Y' to close the terminal and restart MSYS2 MingGW 64-bit again.

Build & Install libxayagame

Next, run this command to get and run the script that will build libxayagame for you.

curl -o ./; ./

You may need to press Enter and enter Y 1 or more times for the build to begin.



Congratulations! You've just built your own GSP using libxayagame. You can now proceed on to the Hello World in C++ tutorial where we'll put libxayagame to good use!

Building Lite Mode support files

Run this command to get and run the script that will build lite mode libraries for you.

curl -o ./; ./

Update libxayagame

We update libxayagame periodically. If you wish to update your build, enter the following into the same MSYS2 MingGW 64-bit terminal that you used above.

cd ~/libxayagame
git pull
make clean
make -j2
make install

You're now up-to-date with the latest version!