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What is XCP-ng?

A long time ago there was the free hypervisor Xen Cloud Platform - XCP and its commercial version Citrix XenServer. Later Citrix open sourced XenServer, so XCP was no longer needed and discontinued.

But since XenServer 7.3, Citrix removed a lot of features from the free version. The project founder Olivier Lambert wanted to have a free, community based, unrestriced open source hypervisor with the spirit of XCP and so he called his new project XCP New Generation, in short XCP-ng.

The goal of XCP-ng is to make a fully community backed version of XenServer, without any feature restrictions.

How many network cards (NICs) I need?

One can be enough! However, if you use a network shared storage (iSCSI or NFS), having a dedicated NIC will be really important to get consistent performances.

And if you want to separate your VM network, your storage network and finally your management network, 3 cards will do the trick. A separation between VM network and management is more for convenience than for performances.

Can I use XCP-ng on a USB-Stick (like ESXi)?

Short answer


Medium answer

No... well... hmm... uhmm... NO! :no_entry_sign:

Long answer

XCP-ng writes a lot into local files and this writing will wear out your USB-Stick in a short amount of time:

  • XAPI: the XenServer API database is changing a lot. Hence writing a lot, and believe me, USB sticks aren't really happy with that on the long run. Note: XAPI DB is what keep tracks on all XCP-ng's "state", and it's replicated on each host (from the slave).
  • Logs: XCP-ng is keep a LOT of debug into into logs. For this part however, there is a workaround: use a remote syslog.

(source: comment from Olivier Lambert on the forum:

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