Build system

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In order to build the source code on a regular basis a continuous integration (CI) approach is available build by own scripts or standard CI web services.

The whole build process is depending on the standard yafra environment setup defined within the unix /etc/profile

The following sequence is used during build, deploy:

  • init - clean and create directory structure
  • db - create databases or update them
  • apps - compile apps
  • test - test compiled apps and check for errors
  • publish - move compiled runtimes into worknode directory - prepare for packaging
  • install - install apps out of worknode directoy

The following scripts are used:

  • full automatic builds ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/ DBTYPE [reset]}}} - builds all apps so you can start debugging or use it as nightly build (reset means re clone git repo first and setup database) ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/ DBTYPE [reset]}}} - builds a full distribution to be released (reset means re clone git repo first)
  • build components ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/}}} - creates all needed working directories ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/ dev/rel DBTYPE [servername] [sapwd]}}} - sets the database and optionally installs the databases ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/}}} - compile sources, effective build ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/}}} - run compiled executables and apps in order to test build ** {{{$SYSADM/shellscripts/}}} - publish build into a distribution with install script
  • per project you will find some makefiles, ant build files or scripts in order to build individual projects
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