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Uses NODE_OPTIONS with PnP instead of CLI args #6629

merged 4 commits into from Nov 5, 2018


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commented Nov 3, 2018


A common problem people currently have is with programs that call Node through the child_process interface but forget to forward the execArgv parameters. This morning alone there was three of them: @babel/node, node-sass, and node-gyp.

In order to alleviate this issue, this diff makes Yarn switch from passing the --require option explicitly through the command line to passing it via the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable. This should increase the compatibility at a low cost.

An alternative would be to monkey-patch the child_process module, but I'm strongly opposed to it - patching builtin modules might have serious consequences, and shouldn't be done only for the sake of convenience.

Since relying on the environment is sometimes tricky, I'd appreciate having a few set of eyes take a look at this diff before I merge it - just to be sure I don't miss something (cc @yarnpkg/core).

Also cc @jdalton (since that might maybe affect esm?)

Note: This PR has one problem, though: it might cause issues for people having spaces into their project path. This is caused by a bug/oversight in the way Node parses the NODE_OPTIONS value. I've work on a PR to fix it on their side (nodejs/node#24065), but that might cause some pain in the meantime. I could potentially add a warning when it happens, but it will still be displayed once the problem is solved - I'm not sure whether it's a good UX or not.

Test plan

Added tests, the existing one should pass as before


BYK approved these changes Nov 5, 2018

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left a comment

Looks good. I'd love to see two follow ups:

  1. The additional tests I mentioned
  2. Some fallback logic to the CLI args when we detect spaces in path. We can then limit this behavior to Node versions lower than the one with the fix (which is all of them at the moment). This should reduce the possibility of failures since I assume people having spaces in their paths on Windows (and potentially on macOS).
if (await fs.exists(pnpPath)) {
args = ['-r', pnpPath, ...args];
nodeOptions += ` --require ${pnpPath}`;

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BYK Nov 5, 2018


I'm guessing the leading space wouldn't be an issue when NODE_OPTIONS is empty?

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arcanis Nov 5, 2018

Author Member

Yep, will work 👍

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jdalton Jan 20, 2019


👆 It looks like

nodeOptions += ` --require ${pnpPath}`

should be

nodeOptions = `--require ${pnpPath} ${nodeOptions}`

so that pnp is the first preloaded module.


Issue filed #6941; PR #6942.

@@ -227,6 +219,11 @@ export async function makeEnv(


// Note that NODE_OPTIONS doesn't support any style of quoting its arguments at the moment

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BYK Nov 5, 2018


Referring to your PR on Node would be nice. Also, would be great if we can centralize some of this PnP path logic.

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arcanis Nov 5, 2018

Author Member

I think I'll keep it duplicated for now - since it's very few lines, I'm concerned about over-abstracting it (since it's only used in two places and there are no reasons to think it will change)

@@ -45,7 +37,6 @@ export async function getWrappersFolder(config: Config): Promise<string> {

await makePortableProxyScript(process.execPath, wrappersFolder, {

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BYK Nov 5, 2018


Shall we unify this logic in the future and use node at all times?

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arcanis Nov 5, 2018

Author Member

What do you mean? At most we should replace makePortableScript with cmdShim (which already covers the behavior we're using here, I think)


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BYK Nov 5, 2018


I think we need two more tests:

  1. For cases where we spawn another script and purposefully omit node args which simulates the scenario you are solving for (is this the second test, I can't really tell?)
  2. Have an already set NODE_OPTIONS env variable and make sure it is preserved.

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arcanis Nov 5, 2018

Author Member

The first test tests yarn node my-script.js', and the second tests yarn run my-script. I think that should cover the first case? Will add a test for empty NODE_OPTIONS 👍

Maël Nison and others added some commits Nov 5, 2018

Maël Nison

@arcanis arcanis merged commit 7977c42 into yarnpkg:master Nov 5, 2018

1 check was pending

ci/circleci: install CircleCI is running your tests

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commented Nov 5, 2018

File name Previous Size New Size Change
yarn-[version].noarch.rpm 1.09 MB 1.09 MB -390 bytes (0%)
yarn-[version].js 4.27 MB 4.27 MB -1.06 KB (0%)
yarn-legacy-[version].js 4.45 MB 4.44 MB -1.15 KB (0%)
yarn-v[version].tar.gz 1.1 MB 1.1 MB -1.1 KB (0%)
yarn_[version]all.deb 804.98 KB 805.12 KB 140 bytes (0%)

netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this pull request Nov 22, 2018

yarn: Update to 1.12.3.
Changelog tracks back up to 1.12.0 only.

## 1.12.3

**Important:** This release contains a cache bump. It will cause the very first install following the upgrade to take slightly more time, especially if you don't use the [Offline Mirror]( feature. After that everything will be back to normal.

- Fixes an issue with `yarn audit` when using workspaces

  [6625](yarnpkg/yarn#6639) - [**Jeff Valore**](

- Uses `NODE_OPTIONS` to instruct Node to load the PnP hook, instead of raw CLI arguments

  **Caveat:** This change might cause issues for PnP users having a space inside their cwd (cf [nodejs/node24065](nodejs/node#24065))

  [6479](yarnpkg/yarn#6629) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Fixes Gulp when used with Plug'n'Play

  [6623](yarnpkg/yarn#6623) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Fixes an issue with `yarn audit` when the root package was missing a name

  [6611](yarnpkg/yarn#6611) - [**Jack Zhao**](

- Fixes an issue with `yarn audit` when a package was depending on an empty range

  [6611](yarnpkg/yarn#6611) - [**Jack Zhao**](

- Fixes an issue with how symlinks are setup into the cache on Windows

  [6621](yarnpkg/yarn#6621) - [**Yoad Snapir**](

- Upgrades `inquirer`, fixing `upgrade-interactive` for users using both Node 10 and Windows

  [6635](yarnpkg/yarn#6635) - [**Philipp Feigl**](

- Exposes the path to the PnP file using `require.resolve('pnpapi')`

  [6643](yarnpkg/yarn#6643) - [**Maël Nison**](

## 1.12.2

This release doesn't actually exists and was caused by a quirk in our systems.

## 1.12.1

- Ensures the engine check is ran before showing the UI for `upgrade-interactive`

  [6536](yarnpkg/yarn#6536) - [**Orta Therox**](

- Restores Node v4 support by downgrading `cli-table3`

  [6535](yarnpkg/yarn#6535) - [**Mark Stacey**](

- Prevents infinite loop when parsing corrupted lockfiles with unterminated strings

  [4965](yarnpkg/yarn#4965) - [**Ryan Hendrickson**](

- Environment variables now have to **start** with `YARN_` (instead of just contain it) to be considered

  [6518](yarnpkg/yarn#6518) - [**Michael Gmelin**](

- Fixes the `extensions` option when used by `resolveRequest`

  [6479](yarnpkg/yarn#6479) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Fixes handling of empty string entries for `bin` in package.json

  [6515](yarnpkg/yarn#6515) - [**Ryan Burrows**](

- Adds support for basic auth for registries with paths, such as artifactory

  [5322](yarnpkg/yarn#5322) - [**Karolis Narkevicius**](

- Adds 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) support to publish & alike

  [6555](yarnpkg/yarn#6555) - [**Krzysztof Zbudniewek**](

- Fixes how the `files` property is interpreted to bring it in line with npm

  [6562](yarnpkg/yarn#6562) - [**Bertrand Marron**](

- Fixes Yarn invocations on Darwin when the `yarn` binary was symlinked

  [6568](yarnpkg/yarn#6568) - [**Hidde Boomsma**](

- Fixes `require.resolve` when used together with the `paths` option

  [6565](yarnpkg/yarn#6565) - [**Maël Nison**](

## 1.12.0

- Adds initial support for PnP on Windows

  [6447](yarnpkg/yarn#6447) - [**John-David Dalton**](

- Adds `yarn audit` (and the `--audit` flag for all installs)

  [6409](yarnpkg/yarn#6409) - [**Jeff Valore**](

- Adds a special logic to PnP for ESLint compatibility (temporary, until [eslint/eslint10125](eslint/eslint#10125) is fixed)

  [6449](yarnpkg/yarn#6449) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Makes the PnP hook inject a `process.versions.pnp` variable when setup (equals to `VERSIONS.std`)

  [6464](yarnpkg/yarn#6464) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Disables by default (configurable) the automatic migration of the `integrity` field. **It will be re-enabled in 2.0.**

  [6465](yarnpkg/yarn#6465) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Fixes the display name of the faulty package when the NPM registry returns corrupted data

  [6455](yarnpkg/yarn#6455) - [**Grey Baker**](

- Prevents crashes when running `yarn outdated` and the NPM registry forgets to return the `latest` tag

  [6454](yarnpkg/yarn#6454) - [**mad-mike**](

- Fixes `yarn run` when used together with workspaces and PnP

  [6444](yarnpkg/yarn#6444) - [**Maël Nison**](

- Fixes an edge case when peer dependencies were resolved multiple levels deep (`webpack-dev-server`)

  [6443](yarnpkg/yarn#6443) - [**Maël Nison**](
@arcanis arcanis referenced this pull request Dec 29, 2018
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