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This release is out-of-date. For the latest release, please visit

This is the first release of YecLite, a light client for Ycash. It has full support for shielded and transparent addresses, allowing you to send + receive YEC without needing to download the full blockchain.

Please remember to backup your seed phrase after you create your wallet. Make sure that you have all 24 words written down, in the exact order.


  • Get synced in seconds.
  • Send and Receive transparent/shielded YEC
  • Automatic shielding of transparent YEC
  • Automatic funds management
  • Full support for incoming and outgoing memos
  • Recover full wallet (transactions, memos, balances) from just the seed phrases.


  • While all the keys and transaction detection happens on the client, the server can learn what blocks contain your shielded transactions.
  • The server also learns other metadata about you like your ip address etc...
  • Also remember that t-addresses don't provide any privacy protection.

Note Management

YecLite does automatic note and utxo management, which means it doesn't allow you to manually select which address to send outgoing transactions from. It follows these principles:

  • Defaults to sending shielded transactions, even if you're sending to a transparent address
  • Sapling funds need at least 2 confirmations before they can be spent
  • Can select funds from multiple shielded addresses in the same transaction
  • Will automatically shield your transparent funds at the first opportunity
    • When sending an outgoing transaction to a shielded address, YecLite can decide to use the transaction to additionally shield your transparent funds (i.e., send your transparent funds to your own shielded address in the same transaction)