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Yii2 PHP Docker Image

Build Status

This is the repo of the official Yii 2.0 Framework image on DockerHub for PHP.


These Docker images are built on top of the official PHP Docker image, they contain additional PHP extensions required to run Yii 2.0 framework, but no code of the framework itself. The Dockerfile(s) of this repository are designed to build from different PHP-versions by using build arguments.

Available versions for yiisoftware/yii2-php

The following images are built on a weekly basis for arm64 and amd64. For regular commits on master we only build images for amd64 suffixed with -latest/-latest-min.

Minimal images

8.2-apache-min, 8.2-fpm-min, 8.2-fpm-nginx-min
8.1-apache-min, 8.1-fpm-min, 8.1-fpm-nginx-min
8.0-apache-min, 8.0-fpm-min, 8.0-fpm-nginx-min
7.4-apache-min, 7.4-fpm-min, 7.4-fpm-nginx-min 

Development images

8.2-apache, 8.2-fpm, 8.2-fpm-nginx
8.1-apache, 8.1-fpm, 8.1-fpm-nginx
8.0-apache, 8.0-fpm, 8.0-fpm-nginx
7.4-apache, 7.4-fpm, 7.4-fpm-nginx 

Deprecated or EOL versions

7.3-apache, 7.3-fpm
7.2-apache, 7.1-apache, 7.0-apache, 5.6-apache
7.2-fpm, 7.1-fpm, 7.0-fpm, 5.6-fpm


cp .env-dist .env

Adjust the versions in .env if you want to build a specific version.

Note: Please make sure to use a matching combination of DOCKERFILE_FLAVOUR and PHP_BASE_IMAGE_VERSION


  • PHP_ENABLE_XDEBUG whether to load an enable Xdebug, defaults to 0 (false) not available in -min images
  • PHP_USER_ID (Debian only) user ID, when running commands as webserver (www-data), see also #15


docker-compose build


docker-compose run --rm php php /tests/requirements.php


To enable Xdebug, set PHP_ENABLE_XDEBUG=1 in .env file

Xdebug is configured to call ip xdebug.remote_host on 9005 port (not use standard port to avoid conflicts), so you have to configure your IDE to receive connections from that ip.


More information can be found in the docs folder.


  • We do not officially support Alpine images, due to numerous issues with PHP requirements and because framework tests are not passing.
  • Depending on the (Debian) base-image (usually PHP <7.4) you might need to set X_LEGACY_GD_LIB=1
  • test