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Azure Functions Python Sample Codes

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cd azure-functions-python-samples


Sample codes are Python2 compatible by default as default Python platform version that Azure Functions support is Python 2.7.X (as of July 1st, 2017). Some of the samples in the project also support Python 3.X. Please see the table below for supporting Python version of each sample.

print ("Python Version = '{0}'".format(platform.python_version()))
# >>>2017-07-01T05:33:36.202 Python Version = '2.7.8'

For those who want to change the Python runtime version to 3.5/3.6, here is a procedure: How to change the Python version being used in a Function App


Sample Description Trigger In/Out Bindings Python Ver
cosmosdb-trigger-cosmosdb-in-binding Azure Functions CosmosDB Trigger Python Sample. The function simply read & dump documets which are added to or changed in Azure Cosmos DB by leveraging CosmosDB input binding CosmosDB in:DocumentDB 2.7
blob-trigger-blob-in-out-bindings Azure Functions Blob Trigger Python Sample that simply read file from Azure Blob Storage and write an output file to Azure Blob Storage using Blob Storage input and output bindings respectively Blob in:Blob, out:Blob 2.7, 3.X
queue-trigger-blob-in-bindings Azure Functions Queue Trigger Python Sample that obtain a blog file name from Queue as a queue message and read a file named the blog file name in Azure Blob Storage using Blob Input Binding Queue in:Blob 2.7, 3.X
queue-trigger-rssfeed-crawler Azure Functions Queue Trigger Python Sample that get RSS feed URL from Queue and dump all items that obtained from RSS feed Queue NONE 2.7
queue-trigger-tagging-images Azure Functions Queue Trigger Python Sample that tags images stored on Azure Blob Storage by using Cognitive Vision API Queue NONE 2.7
queue-trigger-sendgrid Azure Functions Queue Trigger Python Sample that send email by using SendGrid bindings Queue out:SendGrid 2.7
queue-trigger-cosmosdb-in-binding Azure Functions Queue Trigger that obtains a document ID from Queue as a queue message, select a document object from Cosmos DB by using the document ID, and finally dump the object Queue in:DocumentDB 2.7, 3.X
http-trigger-dump-request Azure Functions HTTP Trigger Python Sample that get and dump HTTPS request info that the trigger receives HTTP out:HTTP 2.7
blob-sas-token-generator Azure Function HTTP Trigger Python Sample that returns a SAS token for Azure Storage for the specified container and blob name HTTP out:HTTP 2.7
timer-trigger-azuresearch-index-monitoring Azure Functions Timer Trigger Python Sample that get Azure Search index statistics via API and store the results into DocumentDB Timer out:DocumentDB 2.7
eventhub-trigger-table-out-bindings Azure Functions EventHub Trigger Python Sample that read message (device info) in EventHub that sent from sender and write an output record to Azure Table Storage using Table bindings EventHub out:Table 2.7, 3.X
proxies-simple-condition-matches Azure Functions Python Sample that re-write dynamic and static page url using Azure Functions Proxies HTTP out:HTTP 2.7





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