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S. Cargo

This is S. Cargo, the epic snail adventure game! This game is written in Python, and runs in the Blender Game Engine.

Illustration of Cargo's shell

Building for Distribution

  1. Download Blender*. Grab one archive for each platform you want to build for, and one for the platform you're building on. Save them to the blender directory.
  2. Extract the Blender archive for the platform you are currently using - e.g. cd blender; tar xvf blender-2.69-fdcdd5e-linux-glibc211-x86_64.tar.bz2.
  3. Run make using the version of Blender you're building with:
make BLENDER=`pwd`/blender/blender-2.69-fdcdd5e-linux-glibc211-x86_64/blender

This will result in one game archive in the dist directory for each Blender archive you downloaded. Your users can untar or unzip the relevant archive, and then run the cargo executable that is inside to play the game.

* At the time of writing, this game was tested to work with version 2.69 fdcdd5e (2014-02-13). Other versions may work too. If you want the bleeding edge, you can grab a copy from the Blender Buildbot, or compile your own from Blender's source code.

Building for Development and Testing

You can play Cargo without building a distributable. The steps are similar to those given above.

  1. Download Blender for your current platform.
  2. Extract the Blender archive.
  3. Run make foliage:
make BLENDER=`pwd`/blender/blender-2.69-fdcdd5e-linux-glibc211-x86_64/blender foliage

This will generate .blend files required to display the grass and flowers in the game. Then you can play the game by loading game/cargo.blend in Blender and choosing Game > Start Game Engine from the menu at the top. Most of the files in game/assets can be loaded that way, too - although the saved game data is not shared between files.


S. Cargo - a 3D adventure game about a snail!







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