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Zeus enhancement mod for Arma 3
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3Mydlo3 and mharis001 Add vehicle logistics context actions (#57)
* Add vehicle logistics context actions

Can rearm, refuel and repair vehicles using context action menu

* Fix wrong argument descriptions

* Change condition check order

* Fix repair action showing when wounded man is in selection

* Change action position in context menu

Priority changed from -97 to -71.
Moved up in the file to reflect new position.

* Conditions check for 'CAManBase' instead of 'Man'

* Avoid calling getVehicleAmmo twice

* Multi-line select conditions

* Refuel use CBA event

* Add indentation to findIf
Latest commit b494234 Jul 21, 2019

Zeus Enhanced Version Zeus Enhanced Issues Zeus Enhanced License

Requires the latest version of CBA A3.

Zeus Enhanced, also known as ZEN, is an Arma 3 mod aimed at improving and expanding the functionality of the Zeus real-time editor.

Zeus Enhanced is built with communities who use Zeus as their primary mission making tool in mind by enabling curators with powerful tools to create dynamic scenarios in an efficient manner. For an in-depth breakdown of the features and frameworks please visit the website.

This mod is built using the same foundation and design standards as the ACE3 Project. Special thanks to the ACE3 Team for their open source nature and permission to use their systems, without their work this would not be possible.


  • A lot of new and improved modules
  • Extended attributes displays
  • Settings to customize the editor display
  • Context menu providing easy access to common actions
  • Various bug fixes for the Zeus interface
  • Rewritten vehicle garage specifically for Zeus
  • Rewritten, faster remote controlling of units


You can help out with the ongoing development by looking for potential bugs in our code base, or by contributing new features. We are always welcoming new pull requests containing bug fixes, refactors and new features. We have a list of tasks and bugs on our issue tracker on GitHub. Please comment on issues you want to contribute with, to avoid duplicating effort.

To contribute something to ZEN, simply fork this repository and submit your pull requests for review by other collaborators. Remember to add yourself to the author array of any PBO you will be editing and the AUTHORS.txt file; including a valid email address.

Submitting Issues and Feature Requests

Please use our Issue Tracker to report a bug, propose a feature, or suggest changes to the existing ones.


Zeus Enhanced is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

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