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Burp-UI is a web-ui for burp backup written in python with Flask and jQuery/Bootstrap
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A screenshot is worth a thousand words, but a Demo is worth a thousand screenshots. You can now play with Burp-UI at


  • admin / admin to play with Burp-UI as an administrator
  • moderator / moderator to play with Burp-UI as a moderator
  • demo / demo to play with Burp-UI as a regular user

What's that?

Let me introduce you Burp-UI. It is a web-based UI to manage your burp-servers. You can view different reports about burp-servers, burp-clients, backups, etc. Burp-UI allows you to perform online restorations and to edit/manage your burp-server's configuration files.

Who are you?

I'm Ziirish, a French DevOps who loves Burp and who'd like to help its adoption by providing it a nice and powerful interface. If you like my work, you can:

  • Thank me by sending me an email or writing nice comments
  • Buy me a beer or some fries (or both!)
  • Make a donation on my Paypal


The documentation is hosted on readthedocs at the following address:


A FAQ is available with the documentation.


Please refer to the Contributing page.


Feel free to report any issues on my gitlab.

I have closed the github tracker to have a unique tracker system.

Also please, read the Contributing page before reporting any issue to make sure we have all the informations to help you. Bug report that don't comply with the rules will likely be ignored because my spare time is quite limited.

See also

Starting with burp-ui v0.3.0, I introduced you burp_server_report a project lead by Pablo Estigarribia.

Pablo also contributed to other interesting projects to automate burp and burp-ui deployments through Ansible:

@qm2k contributed some scripts/config to tweak your setup. You can found them here:


Burp-UI is released under the BSD 3-clause License.

But this project is built on top of other tools. Here is a non exhaustive list:

Also note that this project is made with the Awesome Flask micro-framework.


Thank you all for your feedbacks and bug reports. Those are making the project moving forward.

Thank you to the Flask developers and community.

Special Thanks to Graham Keeling for his great piece of software! This project would not exist without Burp.

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